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Relax Anytime, Anywhere!

Use it Anywhere!

Whether you are at a music festival, a pool party, out on the back forty, camping, skiing or even relaxing in the good old backyard - your Lazynag Air Lounger can handle any terrain. We use the best outdoor rip-stop fabric for our Lazynag air products and you can count on durability for sure!

Keep it simple!

Lazynag is super light-weight, portable and versital. Use it as a relaxing recliner, air mattress to sleep on, camping couch, or an aquatic lounger in the pool. One product - so many possibilities!

If you are looking for quick and easy set up every time, this is the product for you!

AND, it is mega-comfortable and strong enough to support 500lbs!

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Lightweight, Portable and Convenient For Travel!

At only 2.65 lbs., inflating the Lazynag is SO easy! Simply scoop air into the opening, and then trap it by snapping the opening shut. After 3-4 times of "catch and trap", you roll the end and clip it. DONE! Time to kick back, relax and and enjoy. For super speedy inflating, use a fan, hair dryer or leaf blower.


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